We're elevating the voices of educators of color:

In August and September 2018, we conducted focus groups with teachers of color in Nashville, Memphis, Knoxville, and Chattanooga. We asked educators about school culture, hiring, and supports for teachers of color. Some questions included:

  • Does the racial and ethnic diversity of teachers influence a school's culture? 
  • What unique perspectives do teachers of color bring to their work? 
  • What challenges do teachers of color experience? 
  • How can schools and districts better support teachers of color?  

We're providing actionable solutions: 

In our report, we share the action-oriented solutions schools and school districts may implement to create more safe, welcoming environments for teachers of color to thrive. We know that when educators are supported to do their best, then students will also perform better. 

It is our hope this report is the beginning of a conversation about inclusion and representation that includes teachers and administrators of color.

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